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Associations’ FAQ

Who do owners call with issues: 

The Board and all owners and renters at the association are encouraged to call ASK Property Management and not Board members with issues. Also, we provide 24/7 After Hours Emergency Maintenance Phone service.
Will you contact owners or renters violating association rules: 

Communication is sent to violators, fees or fines would be imposed if warranted.
Will you assist with improving association documents: 

We will work with the Board to interpret and/or improve the association legal documents related to policies such as rentals, fines, and the responsibility for maintenance and replacement issues.  We work closely wit h a local legal team that specializes in Condo/Townhome Association governing documents.

Do you prepare documents and attend board and annual meetings: 

We will attend and prepare notices, agendas, reports, proxies, minutes for association meetings.

What about service contracts: 

We will get multiple quotes for service contracts, insurance coverage, and major projects.  We will analyze these and present them to the Board for approval. We then monitor them to completion.

Do you handle maintenance issues:

ASK has a maintenance staff that is available for most maintenance issues. This staff is available 24/7. We also have a network of vendors for maintenance which ASK would coordinate for the Association, delivering professional maintenance service at minimal cost.

What financial information do you provide to the board: 

Each month we send to the Board of Directors the association’s income statement, balance sheet, detail of all income and expenditures, and a copy of the association’s bank statement along with the bank reconciliation.

Do you collect delinquent dues from association owners? 

We make calls and send letters to owners who are delinquent in their dues payments. We will also, if necessary, coordinate any collection efforts with attorney’s or collection companies.

What about budgets? 

We will assist in the preparation of the annual budget. Then with each months reporting we make comparisons of actual income to budget amounts and explain any major differences in our month reporting.

>Do you do reserve studies: 

To assure compliance with state laws and analyze future reserve requirements, ASK will do a study or coordinate the hiring of an outside contractor to do a Capital Replacement Reserve Study.
Do you do Contractor Management:

Our licensed contractor will coordinate major repair or renovation projects.