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Association Management Services and Fees

Services provided for Condo/Town Home Association Management

  • Provide all communication with homeowners, including compliance requirements.
  • Interpret association documents, including advising on changes.
  • Obtain insurance coverage, handling insurance claims.
  • Coordinate maintenance using staff maintenance technicians and our network of vendors.
  • Prepare resale certificates and sale closing questionnaire information.
  • Attend board and annual meetings, prepare meeting notices, agendas, minutes and proxies.
  • Advise on laws affecting associations.
  • Obtain competitive bids for services and manage their performance.
  • Coordinate year-end audit and tax return preparation.
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Provide monthly financial information including income statement, balance sheet, detail of receipts and expenditures, bank reconciliation, bank statement and explanation of any deviations between actual and budget.
  • Handle all association revenue and pay all invoices in a timely manner.
  • Address delinquent owners’ dues and coordinate collection efforts.



Upon request, ASK Property Management will meet with a representative of your association to obtain information on the number of units involved, services requested and other special requirements. After reviewing the information, we will provide you with a written proposal identifying the services included and the fee(s) associated with them.