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Owner’s Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are tenants screened? We do complete tenant screening which includes a credit report, criminal report, and checks for Unlawful Detainers (UD). We contact current and prior landlords to check on timeliness of rent payments and if there are any tenant issues.. We also verify dates and employment wages, and qualify tenants based on income.
  2. How do you market the property for rental? List the property for rental on MLS, CraigsList, and on our own Web Site. Through MLS and our own Web Site the rental gets listed on various other web searches. Where permitted, we put a “For Rent” sign on the property. We also may advertise in the local newspaper. We do NOT charge the owner for any advertising.
  3. Property Inspections: We do a property inspection at the beginning of the management contract and may offer suggestions to the owner to improve the marketability and for maximum rental of the property. We do move in/move-out inspections when tenants move. These inspections may be the basis for charging tenants for damages. We also work with local officials on required city inspections.
  4. What happens if a tenant fails to pay rent: We make phone calls, send letters, and potentially attorney or collection letters. If these fail, the eviction process to remove tenants normally takes 30-45 days.
  5. What happens to tenant security deposits: Security deposits from tenants are deposited into an escrow account. When tenants move out the deposit is returned to the tenant plus 1% accrued interest less any charges. The owner is responsible for accrued interest. After we complete the move-out inspection any charges for cleaning or damages reduce the refund to the tenants.
  6. Maintenance Issues: ASK has a maintenance staff that is available for most maintenance issues. This staff is available 24/7. We also have a network of vendors for maintenance. We would coordinate with the owner the procedure to assure professional maintenance at minimal cost.
  7. Signing Rent and other Documents: We handle all of these documents, plus CRP tax forms, 1099’s, pay all the bills, refund security deposits, and utility accounts.
  8. Rent payments to Owners: Shortly after rent payments are received from tenants a distribution check is sent to owners for the rent less any expenses.