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Renters’ FAQ

How do I report a tenant maintenance request?

If you need to report maintenance needed in your rental property call our main office at (763) 566-6591 or stop by the main office in person.

If you have a maintenance emergency, please call our after-hours maintenance emergency hotline at 612-290-7629.  An on-call member of our maintenance team will get in touch with you to address with issue that needs immediate attention.

For Police or Fire Emergencies call 911.


When is my rent due?

Rent payments are collected and due on the 1st of each month.  ACH/EFT payments will be posted to your account per your lease agreement.  If your ACH/EFT payment or check payment is returned and not paid by the 5th of the month you will received a notice of late payment and be charged a NSF fee and a late fee per your lease agreement.  Late fees become a part of your rental record and are best to be avoided.  If your rent is not paid after a 2nd notice, you may be subject to an eviction.  The tenant is responsible for all fees involved in the eviction process.


When and how do I give my notice to vacate?

Always refer to your particular lease to be assured of the terms.  Most leases have at least a 60-day notice to vacate requiring that the notice be received prior to the 1st of the month.  Therefore, if you are vacating June 30th the office MUST receive your notice to vacate before May 1st.  A notice received on or after May 1st will be valid for a July 31st move-out date.


Can I sub-lease the property on my own?

No.  You may not sub-lease the property without notifying and getting approval from the management company.  Any new tenant must qualify according to the tenant screening guidelines and go through the same approval process.  Signing of a new lease involves all parties and must be done at the main office.


What happens if I desire a roommate change?

Upon approval of your applications, all parties involved had to qualify for paying the rent.  A roommate can not move-out unless the one remaining qualifies on their own.  The change must also be approved by the management and a new lease signed.  If this is not done, the roommate who moves out is still obligated to pay rent and adhere to the terms of the lease.

If a new roommate desires to move-in, they must fill out an application and qualify to be a renter.  All parties must be present to make changes to the lease.


What happens if I am unable to fulfill the terms of my lease?  Ex: Job Transfer

The only option that we have to getting out of the lease prior to lease ending date is for the tenants to Sublet the apartment, and find a qualified renter that must apply with the office.  There is a sublet fee of $100.00.


Can I get a pet after I move-in?

All pets must be approved my management.  Different owners have different requirements so what may be okay for one property may not be for the next.  Upon request, we will check with the owner’s guidelines.  If the pet falls within their approval limits the pet may be allowed after a PET AGREEMENT is completed and a pet deposit is paid.


Can I paint my rental property?

Different owners have different policies on painting.  Therefore, please notify the main office with your request.  They will notify you if the owner approves the changes.


Can I have an additional phone line or cable or satellite TV installed?

Typically yes.  However, the management office must get prior approval from the property owner.  The tenant will be responsible for any costs associated with the installation or if any problems occur.


Can I be charged for maintenance at my rental property?

Yes.  If there is damage caused by the tenant or if a known maintenance issue is not reported in a timely manner and causes damage you will be charged.  So be sure to report all maintenance issues to the main office as soon as they are discovered.

Accidents happen so please be honest and report all matters that need attention.  We have both in-house maintenance staff and professional contractors that can aide with any necessary repairs at a reasonable price.


What happens if the Owner stops making their mortgage payments and the house I am renting gets foreclosed upon?

In this very unlikely event, current laws allow existing tenants to remain in the rental property as it goes through the foreclosure process.   The existing lease typically stays in effect until its current term is concluded.  TITLE VII—PROTECTING TENANTS AT FORECLOSURE ACT.


Do I have to obtain renters’ insurance?

No.  However, ASK Property Management HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you obtain it for security of your belongings.  Simply contact a local agent to obtain a no-obligation free quote.